Tanjore Style Gift Items – Tanjore Painting Mirror

Hi Welcome to Tanjore collections.

This is our creative gift item, this is called tanjore painting style mirror.

This is done in a 10 x 10 inch board.

This is similar to tanjore painting but little different type of tanjore painting, initially we need to take take the trace for doing the muck work and we wont use tanjore painting stones (jaipur stones) in this but instead of that we use synthetic stones. once the muck work done we need to stick the gold foil then we need need to draw the black outline. then we use burnt sienna color. Then we need to stick the stones after the this stage.

Sample of the Mirror Tanjore Style Gift items given below.

Tanjore Style Gift Items

Tanjore Style Gift Item Round Mirror with 4 images

This will really decorate your home, Those who have interest can do this of their own. If you need any help, please feel free to Contact our team anytime.

Thanks Tanjore Collection Team.



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