Tanjore Style decorative Jewel Box

Hi All,

Today we are sharing this tanjore style decorative jewel box.

For this Navrathri we have started our production of tanjore decorative boxes. the below image is for a customer who ordered 250 boxes.

This is MDF Wooden box, with powder coating and after that we use to make these tanjore decorative work above the box.

tanjore style decorative jewel box

tanjore style decorative jewel box

tanjore style decorative jewel box

tanjore style decorative jewel box

Materials Used for this box.

  • Chalk powder
  • Arabic Gum
  • Gold Foil
  • Kundan stones

These boxes are made of MDF board. then it will be powder coated and make it dry to get the quality.

Then we will do the manual sketching and by using 2nd stage muck paste we will do the design work directly, If it is tanjore Painting then we will use the first muck paste to get the emboss stage, then we will use the second muck paste to do the design work. As these are wooden box we do directly the design work.

We use Jewel Design such as Bangle, Chain, Necklace and other traditional jewel design to make the look and feel good and opt for these kinds of jewel to get a traditional touch.

After completing the muck work we allow this to make dry. Once it get dried we start doing the gold foil sticking. Stone work done not like tanjore painting (In tanjore paintings we used to do stone (Jaipur semi precious stone) sticking, before the muck work stage), while doing these kind of decorative we need to stick stones after the gold foil work completed.

After completion of the gold foil we need to use KUNDAN Stones instead of Jaipur stones,  we need to use good color stones to make the box looks more colorful.

Stones we using.

  • Red Color
  • Green Color
  • White Color

By using fevicol you can stick. Be careful while using fevicl while sticking, if you use excess fevicol it will damage the gold foil work and it looks ugly if fevicol shows outside  the stone.

Why we are using fevicol for these decoratives.

As the stones are kept open (we are not putting any frame like tanjore painting). so we are using fevicol to these stones. if we use other media like gum, arabic gum the stones will fall. for those purpose only we are using fevicol to stick well.

You can also practice these kind of decoratives. People are new to this tanjore painting can practice in doing these kind of decorative work, because we have only two stages Muck Stage and gold foil sticking stage. No color stage required.

So start practicing now. If any Quires feel free to connect us anytime by mail or call.


Tanjore Collection Team


  1. Such beautiful Tanjore Painting designs….I just loved it…they are so creative tanjore painting collections and gift items…..thanks for the wonderful creative post….

  2. Awesome work……and superb idea.
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea……….:)

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