Tanjore Style decorative Clock

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Welcome back, Today we have posted Tanjore Style decorative Clock size of 14 x 8 inch, this will be good decorative item, it can be placed in your home, office, with a traditional look, it can be also presented as a gift for all occasion. this will be done as order.

Same raw materials used to create this tanjore style decorative watch.

Tanjore style decorative clock

Tanjore style decorative clock size 14 x 8

We need to take board of size of 14 x 8 and make the watch size of 8×8 and ganesha size of 6×8 size. as doing other tanjore painting¬† We need to make a hole for fixing watch. We need to do the tracing and need to do the muck work. after completion of muck work. we need to stick the gold foil. then we need to stick the Kundan stones not the tanjore stone that is jaipur stones. framing will be little difficult because we are fixing the watch mechanism in the painting.

By using above steps you can make your make yourself and decorate your home or office or gift it to other occasion.

If you need any help you can contact us any time.


Tanjore Collection Team.

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