Tanjore Style Decorative Annam

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Here below is one of our decorative tanjore painting. this will help you to make your own tanjore style decorative.

This subject is called Tanjore Style Decorative Annam:

Tanjore Style decorative Annam

Tanjore Style decorative Annam of size 6 x 8 inches without frame.

List of Raw materials :

  • Board size of 6 x 8 inches
  • Annam Sketches
  • Gold Foil
  • Poster color
  • Arabic gum

Prepare the board to the size, and then use Gada Cloth or banner cloth with fevicol to make the first stage. This stage is called board preparation. Rinse the cloth of 8 x 10 cloth in fevicol then cover the 6 x 8 inch board with it. Turn back the board and stretch the cloth so that it won’t get any crease in the front side. Make the board dry for few hours.

Take the Xerox of the Annam in black and white. Then stick the Annam in the board, then take the trace of Annam by using carbon paper. After completion of tracing, Prepare the muck the amount you want by using Arabic gum and chalk powder which you having. Make a cone then put the muck in the cone and start in the reference area which you have taken the trace. After completion of muck work. Make the painting dry for few hours.

Then take the gold foil, get the impression of the muck which you have done from the muck board you have done, by using Arabic gum stick the gold foil in the area you want. Then remove the unwanted gold foil by using blade. Make the painting dry for few hours.

Then take poster colors apply the base color and apply the shading you require.

The above are the steps to make the Tanjore style decorative Annam Tanjore painting.

For these kinds of paintings we can use both synthetic and traditional Tanjore painting frame to frame it.

Hope the above steps will help you to make Tanjore style decorative by yourself.



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