Tanjore Paintings Tutorials – How to Remove Unwanted Gold Foil After Sticking

How to Remove Unwanted Gold Foil After Sticking

Hi all here are some pic to show you that how to remove Excess Gold foil on tanjore paintings You can use a blade to remove the Unwanted or excess gold foil, you can use a sharp Blade to remove these gold foil

This is the Work we are doing after pasting or Sticking Gold foil in Tanjore paintings, so you can also follow the above steps…….

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Tanjore collections team


  1. Hi, am looking for the tutorials on how to paint the faces of gods, garlands, curtains. All the tanjore painting tutorials sites briefly describes about gold foil and then show the finished picture. there is no sign of these painting details which is also very important to learn. Can you at least post the tutorials which will help many including many.

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