Raw Materials

Tanjore Collections supply Tanjore Painting Raw Materials you to make your own Tanjore paintings. And also we will guide you to complete your painting with our expert’s idea.

  • Jaipur Stones (All size and shape).
  • AD stones (American Diamond all sizes for emboss Tanjore paintings).
  • Arabic gum (to stick gold foil).
  • Chalk Powder (Muck Preparation).
  • 2 Types of Mucks (Liquid Muck & Semi Liquid Muck).
  • 24ct Gold foil (to stick in the Tanjore paintings).
  • Board in Various Sizes and subjects (Muck board with gold foil and only Muck board).
  • Outline Sketches & Color Images (All subjects and in all sizes).
  • Teak Wooden frames (Chettinadu frames, Mani frames, Plain Frames) various size.
  • Normal Frame (Various Design).
  • Poster Colors (All color and sizes).
  • Brush Set (various sizes).

Above is the list of tanjore painting raw materials we supply for our customers & those who willing to learn worldwide.

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Thanks Tanjore Collection Team

One thought on “Raw Materials

  1. Siddharthan

    Want to buy raw materials for tanjore painting, but could not find option of online purchase in you web site tanjorecollections.com

    Can I buy things from your store online ????

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