Raw Materials

Tanjore Collections supply Tanjore Painting Raw Materials you to make your own Tanjore paintings. And also we will guide you to complete your painting with our expert’s idea.

  • Jaipur Stones (All size and shape).
  • AD stones (American Diamond all sizes for emboss Tanjore paintings).
  • Arabic gum (to stick gold foil).
  • Chalk Powder (Muck Preparation).
  • 2 Types of Mucks (Liquid Muck & Semi Liquid Muck).
  • 24ct Gold foil (to stick in the Tanjore paintings).
  • Board in Various Sizes and subjects (Muck board with gold foil and only Muck board).
  • Outline Sketches & Color Images (All subjects and in all sizes).
  • Teak Wooden frames (Chettinadu frames, Mani frames, Plain Frames) various size.
  • Normal Frame (Various Design).
  • Poster Colors (All color and sizes).
  • Brush Set (various sizes).

Above is the list of tanjore painting raw materials we supply for our customers & those who willing to learn worldwide.

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Thanks Tanjore Collection Team


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