Tanjore Painting Krishna 12 x 15 full finished

Hi all,

This post is Tanjore Painting Krishna. this is 12 x 15 inch this is full finished.

Raw materials required

  • Tanjore Painting Sketch.
  • Tanjore Painting Color image.
  • Muck (3 Types, liquid, semi liquid, and semi solid).
  • Arabic gum.
  • Brush.
  • Gold foil.
  • Tanjore Paintings Jaipur stones.

By using the above raw materials you can do your own tanjore paintings. Steps for doing tanjore painting posted in previous post.

12x15 Tanjore Painting Krishna

12×15 Tanjore Painting Krishna

Above is the reference, try this painting of your own. if your find any difficulties we are here to help you to complete your painting.


Tanjore Collections Team


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