Tanjore Painting Classes / Online Tanjore Painting Classes

We are not a gallery or an Institute, we are 15 year old production unit, we do Tanjore painting and supplying to galleries.

We are located in Chennai.

Totally three courses are there.

Crash course: 8 Days 10 / 12 day class. The size of the board is 12 x 15.

Apart from this most of them have interest to join below course

Intermediate Course: 3 month class. You can make 3 Paintings of 12 x 15,

Detailed Course: 6 months. You can make 6 Paintings, 12 x 15.


tanjore painting class

tanjore painting class


For Online Class Courier Charges extra

From Initial stage to last stage end to end, life time support will be provided for all the stages.

If you interested to do tanjore painting after completion of course, you can buy materials as kit or you can buy individual as below.

We also supply

  • Plain Board
  • Muck Board
  • Gold foil Stage board any size any subject with good quality.

We  are also selling materials like

  • Arabic Gum
  • Stone Cleaning tool
  • Hand Drill
  • Jaipur Stones
  • Gold Foil and all other materials.

We are taking face to face Classes in Mandaveli, Adyar, Shenoy Nagar,

Thanks for the Interest.

Thanks & Regards

(Tanjore Collections)

+91 988 42 42 482.


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