Tanjore Painting Class

Our Style of Teaching is Different, Each stage of tanjore paintings will be guided you by each expert not a single person, each experts are having hands on skills for more than a decade. As we are proven production unit in Chennai we are also taking tanjore painting classes and profess around 500 students who became Masters in making these Tanjore paintings. After completion of course we also supply raw materials for further practices, and you can also join our production team after completion of your courseā€¦ Book flexible timings for you class (weekend and regular classes available) Basically we have 4 mail stages as you know it well, 1. Making ready of Board 2. Making Muck Board 3. Gold Foil Sticking 4. Coloring We have experts for each stage those who are working in the similar line for more than 15 years each one is experienced in a single work and became master now they are willing to share the tricks with you and make you learn in short duration Class Duration: Duration will be 15 days, each class for 2hrs. Both weekdays and weekend classes available. Timings you can fix the timings between 10-am to 6-pm. We also conduct weekend classes those who cant come on weekdays can come on weekends to continue the class


  1. When i tried to make the board by the method described ie mixing chalk powder and arabic gum it is grey in colour.Do you use any colour to get the light brown shade? Is the Arabic gum or chalk powder i’m using is not good?

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