Tanjore painting class admission starts now

Hi all,

We are posting this ad for those who are interested to do this tanjore painting can join the course we are offering, we have started three types of course.

  • Tanjore Painting Crash Course – 8 Days
  • Tanjore Painting Intermediate Course – 3 Months
  • Tanjore Painting Detailed Course – 6 Months
tanjore painting classes

tanjore painting classes

These Classes can help you learn or if you already know tanjore painting you can brush up the techniques.

We also supply all Tanjore Painting Raw materials for you to practice as Kit and as individual materials.

If you are beginner you can buy kit, If you plan to do more you can buy 1000 stones like that.

If you want to start from beginning you can join any one of the course. After completion of this course maximum you can do. Because this tanjore painting is not like other water color  or oil color art. This tanjore painting is combination of both art and craft. First two stages muck board stage and gold foil sticking stage are like craft work, only third stage is coloring work.

We also supply, Muck Board, Ready Board, Gold foil stage board for your needs.

Other Materials we supply:

  • Tanjore painting Jaipur square stones
  • Tanjore painting Jaipur round stones
  • Tanjore painting gold foil
  • Tanjore painting arabic gum
  • Tanjore painting Stone cleaning tool
  • Tanjore painting hand drill
  • Tanjore painting AD stones

and other materials.

After completion of course you can start earn.

Please feel free to contact our team any time


Tanjore Collections Team

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