Tanjore Paining Lakshmi Full Finished 12 x 15 inches

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Today we are posing Tanjore painting LAKSHMI of size 12 x 15 inch with green sari coloring.

Learn to make Tanjore paintings (LAKSHMI)

12 x 15 inches Lakshmi

12 x 15 inches Lakshmi Tanjore Painting with green saree

Steps explaining making a Tanjore paining of your own.

  • Take board size of 12×15 inch waterproof ply wood.
  • Get Gada cloth of 14 x 17 size rinse with fevicol.
  • Cover the waterproof ply wood with the Gada cloth. Stretch the cloth and paste it back side of the board. Make it dry for few hours.
  • Get the yellow Gobi mixture and apply it in on the board. Make some 4 to 5 coating to make it looks good. Keep it dry for few hours
  • After it get dry. Use emery sheet to make the board surface smooth.
  • Then take a sketch of 12 x 15 inch and also take carbon paper. To make the sketch.
  • After taking the sketch. Start pasting the Jaipur stones (Tanjore painting stones). Where ever your want.
  • Then make the muck or prepare 2 types of muck.  (Liquid muck & semi liquid muck).
  • Use liquid muck on the traced image where ever you required. Make it dry for few hours.
  • Then use (semi liquid) muck to do the design works above the dried liquid muck. Allow it to dry for few hours.
  • Then gold foil sticking stage. Get gold foil and Arabic gum to start this stage.
  • Get the impression of the muck by keeping the gold foil above the muck board and press it gently to get the impression.
  • Using scissors cut the required gold foil from the impression taking leaving some space.
  • Use dry brush for applying Arabic gum behind the gold foil.
  • Then paste the gold foil in the impression area and apply pressure to stick well.
  • Cut the gold foil into small pieces which we need to stick in-between the square stones.
  • Once you have stuck the gold foil keep the board dries for few min.
  • Remove the unwanted gold foil from the board. This will avoid some patches in the board while coloring
  • Now by using poster color you can do the base coloring.
  • Once the base coloring is done we can start doing the light and shade part.
  • After completing the light and shade part. Do the background part. Then finally do the outline of the painting with medium thick black line.
  • Then using small brush or OHP pen do the lining stage on the gold.
  • Use burnt sienna color on the gold foil to show light and dark shade in the gold foil.
  • Now you have completed your painting and it’s ready for frame.
  • Now you can choose any one frame type (Plain, Chettinad, Bead).

Hope the above steps help you to understand and help yourself to make your own Tanjore paintings.


Tanjore Collection Team


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