Tanjore Gift Items – Tanjore Painting Tray

Hi All,

Here is another Tanjore Style gift items, Tanjore style decorative tray, this is a new product from our production unit, tanjore gifft tray is made up of quality wood and a tanjore painting is incorporated inside the tray.

This tanjore painting tray have:

  • Wooden Tray
  • Tanjore painting with gold foil
  • Acrylic frame

Subjects can incorporate

  • Tanjore Painting Annam (6×6 inch)
  • Tanjore Painting elephant (6×6 inch)
  • Tanjore Painting Peacock (6×6 inch)
  • Tanjore Painting face krishna (6×6 inch)
    tanjore_style_ gift_tanjore_tray

    tanjore_style_ gift_tanjore_tray


Tanjore Style Gift Item Tray Sizes:

  • 7 x 6
  • 10 x 8
  • 12 x 10
  • 11 x 14
  • 12 x 15
  • 13 x 16
  • 6 x 12 (Panel type)


tanjore painting tray type 2

tanjore painting tray type 2

Please dont hesitate to contact our team for any tanjore painting and tanjore gift items


Tanjore Collections Team

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