Muck Board Preparation – Making of Tanjore Painting

Making of Tanjore Painting

Muck Board Preparation

First you can draw the Sketch in the Plain Much Board, then you can stick the stones in the require area of your paintings like the image below

After Doing This step you have to Use the Liquid Muck to make the relief work on the Muck board to get a little emboss like the Pic Below

Muck Board Stage 1

The Above pic is made up of Liquid muck and after applying this kind of muck you have to wait until it gets dry before going to next stage you can practice the design work like the Below show Pics you can use brush to do the Design work on the muck Board the below pic show you that how you can practice in a separate piece of board once u get familiar in this type of design works you can do it in the muck board

Tanjore Painting Muck Board

Once you Practice the design work in a small piece of Board you can start working on the Board you are doing the final thing………….

Once you keep the liquid muck like this then you have to use other type of Muck that is semi liquid muck and paste form muck to do the design work like the image below

Tanjore Paintings Muck Board

use Brush to keep this kind of design work to make your muck board very creative also you can put designs you want you have to draw lines around each stones then only it looks nice and these are the things we are following more than 15 years and doing our production….

Hope This Muck Board Preparation writeups and images helps u to make your own Tanjore painting , So you can start work on your own tanjore paintings now !!!!!

If you have any clarification you can call us to clarify all your doubts regarding tanjore paintings, Our team will be supportive and also guide you


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