Learn tanjore paintings by seeing this video

Hi All, Here is a small video clip which help you to show how these tanjore paintings muck board are made, these tanjore painting muck boards are the initial stage of tanjore painting, if you are strong in this muck board making it will be easy for other steps, This is also one main stage to make the tanjore painting to looks better and great, so here am sharing how to make these tanjore painting muck boards, hope this will help you to make muck board of your own….

Thanks Tanjore Collections Team

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  1. Hi this is Dinesh from Mumbai.I want to learn this art, if you can suggest someone in Mumbai who can give me class at my place at Marol Andheri East. I am 60 year old person and totaly retired from busines, I want to use now my time in this art. Please contact me on this mail .I willing to pay the required fees if someone really teach me, nicely.I have lot of place I Marol, he/she can take classes also at my premises.

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