How to Stick Gold foil in tanjore Paintings


Here are some of sample Pics that helps you to save Gold Foil (Very Expensive) please follow this method and save Gold Foil…..

1. Like this you have to cut the gold foil in small measurement and then using arabic gum you can start sticking the gold foil inbetween Stones ….

Dont Paste on the Round Stone

2. Dont Paste Gold Foil in Round Shape by cutting in Round shape, paste the gold foil above the round stone and using a scraper(round file) you can remove the gold foil by that round file

Gold Foil Sticking

3. See the above pics, what you have to do is you have to take the impression of the gold, and cut it into the size of the impression…. after cutting we have to use arabic gum to stick these gold foil…. if you take impression and cut you can save some gold foil……….

The above three steps are some basic steps to stick gold foil.

If you have any clarification you can call us to clarify all your doubts regarding tanjore paintings, Our team will be supportive and also guide you


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