How to make muck board

Hi all welcome to tanjore collections, This is another video which helps you to know what is muck board in tanjore paintings, how these muck boards are made, as all we know in tanjore painting there are 3 major stages

  • Tanjore Painting Muck Board stage.
  • Tanjore Paintings Gold Foil stage.
  • Tanjore Painting Coloring stage.

The initial board making and this muck board stage will be the main stage in the tanjore paintings, first we have to take the trace in the prepared board or ready board, then with the help of raw materials like chalk powder and arabic gum these muck paste are prepared, then we have these muck paste in cone form or in brush we can do the design, in muck preparation also there are various type of muck we are using

  • liquid muck
  • semi liquid muck
  • little paste form of muck

All the three should be prepared initially and kept, after completing the tracing and stone pasting work, we have to start the muck work to get the emboss part of the tanjore paintings, initially we have to use the liquid muck to get a good depth for the painting that is little emboss height, after that for various design like curves, circles, lines we need to use semi liquid muck and for the whole design work we have to use paste type of work in cone or brush to draw or to do the designing work…

This is how the Tanjore painting Muck board made, the next stage that is gold foil sticking stage will be explained in the next video tutorials…..

Thanks for the visit, hope this article will be helpful for you in making muck board of your own tanjore paintings.

if you have any query, please feel free to contact out team, will help you to do a beautiful painting,

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  1. Thanks for the valuable information posted in your website.This makes me very innovative and informative. Expecting lot more valuable information about tanjore paintings in your recent editions…….


    Uma mageswari

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