We are one of the premium manufacturers and exporters of Tanjore paintings and related gift items in ethnic style. With 12 years of experience in this field, we have mastered the art and have a skilled production unit that can produce the required paintings in varied sizes.

We provide the best quality of paintings and gift items are reasonable prices. We have also broadened our horizons in varied streams of work that involve undertaking bulk orders, conduct painting classes and also supply raw materials required for the paintings.

We also conduct workshops and Exhibition as well where-in orders can be placed instantly and the paintings can also be done to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

If you have any queries and requirements related to this painting, feel free to mail us at paintings@tanjorecollections.com

+91 988 42 42 482.

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  1. Respected Sir/Madam

    For making initial stage board,cloth is pasted with fevicol-water mixture. and Chalk powder mixed with gum arabic thick muck for applying on the cloth and make smooth surface using sand paper after its dried. Am i right? If any wrong or suggestions, please reply.

    For fixing stones mix fevicol with water and apply on the stone or only fevicol will do apply on the stone and stick?

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