4 – Main Stage to Learn Tanjore paintings

1 Board Preparation

In this stage is main we have to take the size of plywood we need for the paintings, we need White cloth required size to cover the paintings, then we have to dip the cloth in the fevicol and water in correct mixture then we have to cover the plywood with the cloth, we have to use yellow gobi with calk powder to put coating on the board then we need emery sheet to make the board smooth

2. Muck Board stage

After completing the above step u can trace the subject which we want to do, the we have to use jaipur stones, the we have to mix the chalk powder in 3 types for various stages like liquid muck, semi liquid muck, and thick muck, first we have to use liquid muck and want to apply inside the sketch, the we use semi liquid muck to apply the relief stage of the muck and then, we use thick muck to do the designs

3. Gold Foil

We always use 24crt gold leaf, for this stage, and we use arabic gum to stick the gold foil, we have to first take the impression of the muck, we have to cut the gold foil with following with the impression of the muck, then by using Arabic gum we have to stick the gold foil

4. Coloring

In this stage stages of colors we are using , first we use the base color and second stage we have to apply the light and shade of coloring and last stage includes ( Indian ink, white dots background colors, saree designs etc…)

Raw materials required

  • Plywood (water proof)
  • White Cloth (required size to cover the plywood u can get this from cloth stores)
  • fevicol (u can get it in Hardware’s)
  • Jaipur stones
  • Chalk Powder (u can get it in Hardwares)
  • Gold Foil (beware of Synthetic gold foil)
  • Arabic Gum
  • Good Scissors
  • Brush Size starts from 000, 0001, 1 2 3 4 5,
  • Set of Poster Colors,

These are the basic and must raw materials required for doing tanjore paintings….

Careful in buying gold foil…

Practice well before going to work on the board, coloring u can take practice for 2-3 times in chart paper once u get familiar in coloring then u color in board

All the very best complete the painting and send to us to display in our blog

If any doubts you can ask tanjore collections team

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