3 Types of Muck For Tanjore paintings

How to Prepare Tanjore painting Muck….

Some Useful tips for Preparing Muck for Tanjore Paintings

Hi here is a small tips for visitor and those who wants to learn tanjore paintings online…

Muck Stage is the main stage in Tanjore paintings, there are three types of Muck we have to prepare before we start we have to Prepare 3 types of Muck

1. Liquid Muck……..

2. Semi Liquid Muck…..

3. Paste form Muck……

1. Liquid Muck Used to make the tanjore paintings little emboss, after sticking stones, you have to use this Liquid Muck and make the painting little emboss

Liquid Muck

2. SEMI LIQUID MUCK: This Type of Muck is used to make the design works above the emboss stage of tanjore painting Muck Board

Semi-Liquid Muck

3. Paste Form Muck this helps to do the final Design Works on the Muck board of a tanjore paintings, this iwll be in a paste form to do the design you can use the brush or cone for the final stage of Muck Board in Tanjore paintings..

Paste Form Muck

Hope This Tips may help you in Preparing Muck for Tanjore Paintings, If you have any clarification you can call us to clarify all your doubts regarding tanjore paintings, Our team will be supportive and also guide you

Follow the Instructions and start doing you own Tanjore Paintings

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  1. what is muck made from?and how? which type of cloth is used to make the painting?can u provide with some motifs of thanjavur paintings?

  2. hi… i am trying to make a tanjore painting using gond, jaggery and geeli mitti ( soil) for the muck but do not know the proportions properly! please guide.
    thank you.

  3. Hi, I’m not able to paint face and body colouring…….I’m gettin bush stokes and patches….the color is slipping off the board…….please advice me how to color the face and body……suggest me how to rectify them….

  4. what is the proportions for these mucks? unless v know this it may not come out nicely please.

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